Lake Forest-Lake Bluff Artisan Guild French Market Boutique
   November 4-5, 10 am - 4 pm; Lake Forest Recreation Center, 400 Hastings Rd., Lake Forest
"It was terrific beginning to end. I was captured by your samples and your personality. I wanted an original since my wife is an original and I couldn't find anything that seemed to be a fit."

"I liked the unique way you captured and put it all together; it's something I know I will keep going over and constantly seeing new things."

         ~ Larry and Carol Townsend


Airplane Map"I have used LifeMaps on three different occasions and each has been received with excitement and a bit of awe. I had one done for my father (who is in a nursing home) about his life. The nurses often look at it and ask him questions about a particular point on the map that only he and his family understand. It usually brings a laugh as it brings out the richness of a person's life. I had one made for a friend who had trained with me for a 3-day walk for breast cancer. It included stories of us getting lost (who gets lost walking in the suburbs?) foot issues, people we met, etc. My friend was so touched; it now hangs in her family room. I also had one done for my in-laws' retirements which they proudly explain to everyone who comes to their home."

"Ronnis makes the process so easy by asking great questions. As I would go down "memory lane", she would capture the essence of a story and incorporate that into the LifeMap. The recipients "get it" as it is so personal to their life. When other companies talk "personal" they usually mean it incorporates the person's name on an item. LifeMaps "personal" is truly unique and priceless to the recipient. I can't recommend this service enough. You will definitely give the gift of a lifetime."

         ~ Pat Mater

"I have not the words to express my gratitude for the LifeMap that you created for me. At first glance, when it was given to me by my wife and daughters, it seemed like a cute little novelty. But as I examined it, I found such a depth of memory that I was, and am still, completely overwhelmed. There, on that one piece of paper - so much of my life, of me! Your skills as an interviewer are obviously superb, for you gathered so much that was important in my life and found a way to include it all in what appeared, at first, to be just a lighthearted and clever little cartoon. And yes, it will look cute when it is framed and hung on a wall, but it is really my story, as it has never been told before, and I treasure it."

         ~ Colin Campbell

"What a creative way to highlight memorable moments for the past 40 years. It was especially relative since we've always taken the 'scenic' route."

Their daughter said that she talked to a lot of her parents' friends to gather data and was surprised to learn what a big impact her parents had had on others.

         ~Tony and Barbara Patricelli

"Marian and Woody loved the LifeMap! Priceless! They thought the whole idea was clever and thoughtful. They couldn't get over the details and how it brought back so many fond memories. Marian got a tear in her eye and said she loved the Garden of Grandchildren. They laughed a lot and told lots of stories."

         ~ Susan Wick

"My friend gave me one years ago. I just loved it, still do. It's alive in a way photos are not – more vivid, more alive, much more personal than a photo."

         ~Myron Streator

"Here he is with the LifeMap. He loved it and we had a blast at his retirement party."

         ~Marlen Mintz

"My grateful thanks for the map of my life. You picked up all the highlights and the picture is a true cinema of my life. It is a picture to be cherished and lots of care went into it."

         ~ Florence Gross

"I LOVE IT! And you can do another one when I turn 100."

         ~ John Mitchell


"As you knew she would…Shirley just loved the LifeMap you created. It made her cry (oops), but she was happy and smiling, too. It really was the perfect thing for her and now was the perfect time to do it. I'm so glad that I found you! Thanks for everything."

         ~ Diane Laux

70"Yes, Ronnis, I DID get my LifeMap and I love it. Got lots of tears in my eyes and my husband did too and he had a few questions about various pieces on the map. You did a great job. Several artist friends of mine have seen it and commented on your wonderful creativity. We haven't decided the best place for it; I have to decide what will come down or get moved so your piece can stand center stage. Thank you so very much."

         ~ Gretchen Wirtz

"Although I knew my fiance and I were getting a life map for our wedding shower I was anxious to see how the map was going to be laid out. Everytime I look at it I find another detail noted about how we met, future wedding plans, and careers. It had so many personal touches. We continue to tell the story about each map destination, everytime someone new comes over. We love it!" 

         ~ Julie Taylor (soon to be Julie Thomas)

"There are many things that I like about the map you made for me. I really liked how you incorporated my whole life in the map. You really did a good job on that. The titles were adorable, notably "Pee on the nurses prairie" and "disney desert" I like how you put stickers everywhere, the "I love FB" sticker my college sticker and my high school barons sticker. I also love how you put my senior picture in there and different things that I've said, or fav quotes. I love it all!"
                                                ~ Taylor Wesley

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