LifeMap Process Map How It WorksThe process is simple and you’ll be guided through every step so you’ll never feel unsure or overwhelmed.  If you’d like more detail about the steps, click on the numbers below.

Request our Data Gathering Guidelines

The Guidelines list the details and prices for our most popular map sizes.  If these will not work, ask about custom sizes.
The Guidelines also suggest the type of information to gather for a LifeMap.  It's best to talk with us before reviewing the guidelines. Please arrange to talk with us to clarify.

2  Accumulate information about the recipient(s)

Using the Guidelines and our conversation to guide you, collect the data you want represented in the map.  The more detail you can provide, the better.  For time efficiency, I prefer to consult with only one person.  If you need input from a number of friends, family or colleagues, have them tell or submit their data to the person who will be my contact.

3  Set up and participate in a phone interview

Please submit information in written form ahead of the interview to speed up the interview time.  I can still capture the information during the interview.  To maximize our time together, match the amount of information you provide to the amount of information that will fit on the size map you have chosen.  For example, if you want a 9” x 12” map that holds 35-40 things, plan to share the top 35-40 things about the person that you would absolutely want depicted. After the interview, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required. Schedule a chat

4  Review and Edit Suggested List of Map Items

Some time after the interview, you will receive an emailed list of the map features that illustrate the stories, character traits, relationships, life events and special memories of the recipient(s) in a clever, whimsical, humorous way.  We will work back and forth adding to, editing and refining the list until you are satisfied with it.

5  Agree on final items, design and framing options

You will review the final list and approve all items and correct spelling of names.  We will decide on the design for the map.  LifeMap background designs can be numbers to represent birthday or anniversary years, letters, corporate logos or custom designs to reflect the personality and interests of the recipient(s).  See the Gallery for samples. If I am doing the framing, we will discuss and agree on framing options.

6  Give a gift adored by the recipient(s) that’s a keepsake for the whole family

See photos and testimonials

Payment can be made by cash, check, credit card, or Zelle and will include sales tax and shipping and handling (when appropriate).  Payment must be received before maps are released.

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