Life Maps artist Ronnis Oher

I have been creating LifeMaps for more than 40 years. They were actually the surprising result of an assignment I gave to my 5th grade students as part of a unit they were studying on mapping. On this page, you’ll see the first map I ever drew (about my students).

First Life Map drew by Ronnis

My students were so intrigued by the map that it inspired me to give personalized maps to friends, family and colleagues for special occasions. As a result, people began asking me to create customized maps to give to their own friends and family.

My goals in creating LifeMaps are (1) to celebrate recipients for just being themselves and (2) to bring back some of their special memories in a fun and whimsical way.

My only regret is that I seldom get to meet the recipients in person, so I love receiving photos of them with their maps and comments about their reactions to these gifts. See my Testimonials section for photos/comments from recipients and gift givers.