Standard LifeMaps range in size from 8"X10" up to 18"X24". Each size includes a set number of items for a base price.

  • 8"x10"    20 included in base price
  • 9"x12"    up to 35 included in base price
  • 11"x14"  up to 50 included in base price
  • 16"x20"  up to 75 included in base price
  • 18"x24"  100+ (up to 100 included in base price

If space allows, items can be added for an additional fee.
Call or email for current prices.

Custom sizes may be available. Please contact us if you have some other in mind and we'll be happy to work with you to accommodate your ideas.

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How Soon Should I Start?

It's ideal to begin work on a custom LifeMap at least four to eight weeks before the date of the birthday, anniversary, graduation, retirement, wedding, memorial service or other special occasion.  While a LifeMap may be created more quickly, it's best when neither of us feels rushed, particularly when a LifeMap will be presented at a party or other special event.  Time needs to be allowed for framing as well.  Do the map early; then put it away for the big occasion.  For holiday gifts, it's a good idea to complete LifeMaps in September and October before you get caught up in the rush of seasonal events.

So let's begin the Process to create a LifeMap, the perfect gift.