There are many creative and effective uses for LifeMaps in a corporate or organizational setting.

LifeMaps make a wonderful executive gift for a new appointment or retirement.  When possible, we use the corporate logo as the design for the map, or we embed the logo into the map.

Capture your company’s or oganization’s history, strategy, etc. in a LifeMap.  We can incorporate your mission/vision statements, memorabilia, etc. to create a showpiece for your reception area or boardroom.

Advertise with a LifeMap.  A unique postcard or insert is sure to attract attention to your products or services.

Reward a project team for their great effort with a LifeMap about the “life of the project.”  Each team member receives a copy, or the map can be transferred to T-shirts.

LifeMaps are popular with non-profit organizations as an honorarium, volunteer award, or long-service award.

Consider a LifeMap as a way to commemorate a special conference or convention.

And what about a LifeMap as a gift for a special customer or supplier to celebrate and thank them for a wonderful business relationship?

Other Drawing Services

Visuals make content come alive for most people.  We can add value to your communications by providing illustrations (non-map) of:

  • Mission or vision statements and strategies to make them clearer and more memorable for both
  • employees and customers
  • Sales presentations to focus the listener during the presentation and as a leave
  • behind reminder for prospects
  • Meeting notes (during or after) and training charts to focus attention and improve
  • retention of information

Contact us  to discuss how a customized LifeMap or other drawing services can benefit your company or organization.